Friday, September 4, 2015

Heading to China


  Here we go! Tomorrow night we are heading for China. A little less than 10 months ago God made it pretty clear to us that He was asking us to take boats that were already ashore, nets that were already clean, and engage again in an act of obedience through which we believe He will manifest Himself in amazing ways.  And tomorrow night we embark again on that journey!

  Tomorrow night (technically Sunday morning at 1AM), Delisa, JoHanna and I will depart for Beijing.   Our first few days will be an opportunity to visit JoHanna's home province and orphanage.  Then its back to Beijing for a few days of site seeing.  On September 14th we'll meet Yang Qi (pronounced "Chee").  We first met him as "Joseph" on Facebook as his story was being shared by a ministry that had helped with with some medical and educational needs, Love Without Boundaries.  But a week from Monday we meet him face to face.   And then we'll spend the next 10 days bringing him home to his forever family.

  I'm starting this blog because we believe that this journey is not just a romantic story of adoption of an 11 year old boy from China.  God has indicated that if I am willing to throw my dry, clean nets back into the water, refusing to check out and pretend that I'm done, that He will let us experience Him in a fuller and more astonishing way.  And that's where we are headed tomorrow...on a journey toward God.

  Thanks for joining us.  Pray that we will have eyes to see.  We hope to come home with nets overflowing with the Glory!